How Attic Ventilation Affects Energy Usage

Everyone is always looking for ways to save on energy bills. Energy is one utility bill that seems to rise no matter how hard you work to reduce your energy costs. At Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company, we offer wall exhaust fans and other choices for an attic ventilation fan that will help you keep your attic in good condition and reduce energy costs.

Why Do I Need to Ventilate My Attic?

Some homeowners wonder why attic ventilation is important when no one goes into the attic for an extended period of time. One reason is that building codes require attic ventilation. Proper airflow helps you to avoid that musty smell attics can get, and it also helps attics from overheating. Improper ventilation can also damage your roof, invalidating warranties for repairs. With the right attic ventilation fan, you don’t have to worry that your attic will smell or start to damage your roof.