What Is the Difference Between Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans And Ceiling Air Ventilation Fans

Fans come in all types. They are available in different models and can fit in air ducts (inline fans) or hang from the ceiling (ceiling fans), while size and shape do differentiate them, what is a more determining factor in choosing a fan is purpose. This reduces fans to two types – exhaust and ventilation.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are removal specialists. They work to eliminate contaminants and other forms of pollutants from the air. In doing so, they prevent the inhaling of such harmful substances into the lungs and the possible medical problems arising from them. A heavy duty exhaust fan, for example, may be installed to remove the smoke from an industrial setting or a commercial kitchen.

Ventilation Fans

In contrast, a ventilation fan works to circulate air in a space. This could be commercial or residential. This type of fan draws fresh air inside from an outside source. A ventilation fan, for instance, suspended from the ceiling, spins in circles to circulate the air in a room.

Differences Between These Fans

A heavy duty exhaust fan and a ceiling fan are both intent on providing the air we all can safely breathe. The major difference between the two is purpose. The former acts to eliminate harmful substances floating in a space; the latter circulates the air present in a room, to refresh it.

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Understanding the Energy Efficiency Codes Before Selecting an Inline Fan.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are no longer buzzwords in construction and manufacturing. They are now included in a wide array of codes enveloping all aspects of these businesses. If you plan on installing an inline fan, understanding the energy efficiency codes is now a priority.


Since 2010, the AMCA has published AMCA 205, Energy Efficiency Classification for Fans. Arguably, the most influential of the codes governing this sector, it has significantly affected this industry. The system is based not on the horsepower of a fan’s motor but on independent variables. It grants fans a FEG – Fan Efficiency Grade providing a standard for classifying fans in a range from minimal to optimal energy efficiency.


ASHRAE 90.1 is the standard for the minimum energy codes in buildings in the United States and globally for both design and construction. Since 2013, it has included a specific section referring to the energy efficiency of fans, including inline fans. It defines it according to the FEG in AMCA 205, Energy Efficiency Classification for Fans, of 67 or higher. The inclusion has impacted the decision of other associations in determining their standard and codes among other groups.


IgCC also has instituted a requirement for fan efficiency. It uses the FEG rating, setting the minimum rating at 71. However, it only applies to specific types of fans in structures smaller than 25,000 sq ft.

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All the Different Things Industrial Fans Can Do for Your NY Factory

When you think industrial fans, might be thinking of Pennbarry fans or some other large venting fan company. Most industrial plant owners recognize Pennbarry fans, but they can rarely tell the next person how many different types of fans there are. If you need to replace any sort of industrial fan in your plant, become acquainted with the different types of industrial fans.

Energy Recovery Fans

Imagine if you could heat or cool your plant by using the existing air from outside. Doing so alleviates the massive energy bills an industrial plant tends to have each month. Energy recovery fans can act as a means of pulling air from inside and pushing it outside where the air is exchanged for air of a different temperature. This type of fan will keep your plant much more comfortable and use a lot less electricity to do it.

Industrial Ventilation

These enormous fans are used to pull particulates out of the air and make it safer for employees to breathe. They may be used over or in painting booths and above areas where there is a lot of dust accumulating. The particulates are removed from the air and stored in a filtered section in the fans until it can be cleared out.

General Ventilation

These are the fans used in other parts of your factory. They are made to circulate heated and cooled air for employee comfort. They also keep air circulating in break rooms and offices, computer rooms and meeting rooms, etc..

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Blow Your Visitors Away with a New Direct Drive Fan from Brooklyn Fan

Living and work conditions get miserable when the direct drive fan they’ve taken so much for granted becomes inoperable, needing replacement. What with proper fan operation, individuals appreciate how this fan helps keep areas ventilated, makes things humidity-free and cool, and is often important in keeping the indoor environment healthy and clear.

When customers are in need of direct drive fan replacement, whether it be a pedestal fan, ceiling fan, propeller fan, inline fan, roof fan, or something similar, they should certainly do their homework on companies that offer the finest quality exhaust fans.

The company the customer seeks to do business with will have been a leader in the industry for quite a long time (often, over 100 years). Their available inventory of superior products will be vast, providing the customer with plenty of options in which to choose from.

By doing a thorough search for fan retailers in their area or general region, the customer should then certainly go to the company’s website to check them out further. Some questions they’ll wish to have answered quickly and thoroughly include:

  • > What can be learned about the company?
  • > Do they have separate, comprehensive pages on manufacturers, products, and models?
  • > Do they have options to learn more through clicks on News and company Blog?

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Three Reasons to Contact an Exhaust Ventilation Fan Distributor in New York

Without proper exhaust ventilation, your business could be in big trouble. Your business relies on adequate exhaust ventilation for the health and safety of customers, guests, and employees. For the best results, you need the right fan. If your business could benefit from better ventilation, then check out these three reasons to invest in the right exhaust ventilation fan.

Quality Brands

A ventilation fan should do a good job and last a long time. If you’re shopping for a new fan, then you should buy from someone who carries the best brands. You don’t want a fan that you’ll have to replace soon after purchasing it, so you should only stick with brands that have a good reputation in the industry.

A Wide Selection

Your business has unique needs, so you need a fan that suits those needs. You deserve a broad selection of ceiling fans, inline fans, kitchen fans, centrifugal blowers, and everything in between. The right fan will run economically, keep your business safe, and appear professional.

Customer Service

A good distributor has the expertise that you need to guide you towards the right product. With so many different fans to choose from, it’s good to be in touch with someone who understands them all. The right distributor can help you take your needs and constraints into account when picking out the fan best suits your business.

Your business can’t survive without the right exhaust fan. You deserve a durable ventilation system that suits your needs and improves your operations. If your business could use a new exhaust ventilation fan, then visit Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales at https://www.brooklynfan.com/ or call us at +1 718 899 9090 to learn more.

Why Brooklyn Hospitals Should Look at Their Ventilation Systems

A ventilation system helps hospitals to reduce the spread of infections. Hospitals must protect patients from getting bacterial illnesses while receiving treatment. However, it may be time to evaluate hospital exhaust fans and make some updates to your system. Read on to find out why hospitals should look at their ventilation system.

Patients Trapped in Germy Air

Many hospitals use a mixed ventilation system. This system works by forcing new air into the room, which moves to the upper corner of the ceiling. However, the patient’s bed is in a lower position. It leaves patients trapped in germy air.

Need to Follow CDC Requirements

The Center for Disease Control requires the air inside a patient’s room to be refreshed using a ventilation system. Hospitals will need to evaluate their system for lags. The ventilation system must be changing the air frequently and more than the minimum requirement.

Evaluate Filter System

The federal government requires hospitals to carry two filter beds. Hospitals also need to monitor and maintain them regularly. The filter system must work effectively by capturing germs. This evaluation gives you a chance to check for technology advancements for filter beds.

Hospitals must be proactive when it comes to germ control. Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Co at Brooklynfan.com can help you with updating the ventilation system.

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Is a Direct-Drive Exhaust Fan Your Best Choice for Ventilation?

If you are looking to improve the ventilation in an area, you may wonder what your options are. A direct-drive exhaust fan may be the perfect fit for your needs. When you work in an industrial environment, it is important for health and safety reasons to have superior ventilation.

Why Choose a Direct-Drive Fan

There are two basic types of exhaust fans you can select from, direct or belt-driven. A direct-drive fan is more efficient than a belt-driven fan. With no belt to maintain, this type of fan is lower maintenance. Another important benefit of a direct-drive fan is that they are easier to clean. The ability to keep the fan clean can add years to its life.

With the many benefits of a direct-drive fan, you may wonder why someone would choose a belt drive option. Belt driven fans are typically less expensive, although the loss of efficiency means they may cost more over time. Belt drive fans are also quieter, which is important in some situations.

If you aren’t sure what type of fan would be best for your environment, you should get in touch with a company that specializes in ventilation options. There are many choices available, and there is no one right choice. The best ventilation option will take into account your existing structure, what activities are going on inside, and many other factors.

Working with professionals, such as the ones at Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales ensures you get the best fan for your situation. Whether you are looking for a direct-drive exhaust fan, or are unsure what your best choice is, get in touch today at https://www.brooklynfan.com/.

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How to install and maintain industrial exhaust fans?

Whether at your warehouse or commercial kitchen, there comes a time when you have to replace your industrial exhaust fan. Typically, the reason for their replacement is due to an upgrade to the building’s cooling system or the industrial fan’s faulty functionality.

However, you can incur vast recurrent maintenance costs due to your improper installation technique. Therefore, here’s a helpful guide on properly installing and maintaining an industrial exhaust fan.

Installation Tips

  • · Ensure the installation surface is rigid enough to support the fan’s dead weight. For example, reinforced concrete beams are the best for factory industrial exhaust fans.
  • · Always purchase your replacement fans from an authorized dealer. Often, buyers opt for the cheapest option. However, the purchase turns out costlier than buying the premium brand.
  • · Additionally, always use flexible connections for the fan’s inlet and outlet. As such, you provide a larger cooling surface area for the hot exhaust air.
  • · Moreover, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s fan alignments since these are according to the fan’s tolerance levels. Any deviation to these measurements will only result in routinely expensive trips to suppliers.
  • · Furthermore, it is advisable to use quality vibration isolators in your installation. These are sturdy enough to withstand the highest vibration levels. As such, your fan stays intact and lasts longer.
  • · Finally, always use compatible fan supports during installation. Disregarding this fact only results in costly repeat repairs.
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Maintenance Tips

Once installation is complete, here are some tips on ensuring you get maximum value from your industrial exhaust fan

  • · Prepare a routine maintenance schedule for your fans. For example, bath exhausts require monthly clean-ups to prevent mold growth and ensure your bathroom’s premium indoor air quality.
  • · Also, ensure that you have an authorized and certified fan service provider on call for emergencies. For example, BF&B is your authorized supplier for PennBarry, Delhi, and Fantech Fans.
  • · Finally, always ensure that you regularly lubricate the fan wheel and inspect it for any faults. Doing so prolongs its operating lifetime.
  • You needn’t worry about how to properly install and maintain an industrial exhaust fan. Instead, follow the above tips, and you will be fine. Also, keep checking the Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company blog for more information.

Improving Indoor Air Quality And Productivity With High-Quality IAQ fans

Indoor air pollution is a common problem that affects most of us, be it at home, in our schools, offices, and industries, and therefore, an improvement in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is required. IAQ indicates the quality of air in a closed space. Its betterment thus focuses on getting rid of the pollution to create a fresher environment. A fresher environment will then improve your work productivity, health, and comfort. Our high-quality IAQ fans are ideal for this job. The following are our different types of fans and how they help improve IAQ;

Exhaust fans

These fans’ purpose is to get rid of pollutants from the room. The fans remove smoke and moisture from a building, eliminate unpleasant odors, particles, and airborne pathogens in the air. These fans are mostly installed in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Ceiling fans

The purpose of ceiling fans is to improve air circulation in a room. Hot air normally rises, and the ceiling fan redistributes the air in the room, changing the temperature. When hot, the ceiling fan the blades turn in a counter-clockwise direction, creating a breeze that lowers the temperatures. When cold, the blades move clockwise, mixing and distributing air which makes the room warmer. Ceiling fans help control the air flows and dilute the pollutants available in the room.

Whole-house fans

These fans ventilate the whole building, unlike the single intake fan. They control the airflow in the building, regularly supply it with fresh air, and dilute the pollutants. They can also pull an immense amount of air outdoors and distribute it towards the building. Whole-house fans remove the stale air, odors, and pathogens from the house.

How improving IAQ affects productivity

  1. Improving Indoor Air Quality increases work productivity. Research shows that a fresher environment for workers improves their job performance.
  2. Health improvement. Fresh air is calming to many people and reduces stress, clears the mind, rebuilds energy, and strengthens the immune system. Fresh air providence prevents infections from air pollutants.
  3. Comfort providence. Poorly ventilated spaces cause discomfort to people due to the unpleasant odors and air pollutants. Installing IAQ fans will improve air circulation which, will make them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Our IAQ fans are essential in improving air quality by ventilating rooms, keeping the rooms humid-free and, controlling temperatures. Our quality equipment will provide for your needs and wants and make you comfortable. If interested in our products, contact us at BF&B Sales Company.