Choosing the Right Ventilation Fans for Your Home or Business

Ventilation is an important aspect of breathing fresh air. It’s especially important in businesses where there is a lack of windows or proper airflow using natural methods. Homes with small kitchens may need more ventilation and stronger exhaust systems than a larger kitchen because smoke and gasses will collect at a higher rate in a small space. Small businesses, like nail salons, need proper ventilation to avoid a buildup of chemical particles in the air.

Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company offers a variety of blower and fan choices for both residential and commercial spaces. We encourage you to browse our selection of backward curved fans, centrifugal blowers, and exhaust systems. Our company can provide and install everything you need to keep a proper airflow streaming through your home or business.

Blowers and Exhaust Systems for Industrial Use

Our business is a leading supplier of industrial use fans and blowers. We offer ceiling exhaust systems, wall exhausts, and industrial blowers. Many of our products use backward curved fans or backward inclined fans within the ventilation system. A backward curved fan is where curved blades curve against the rotational direction of the fan. This type of fan can pick up high velocity speeds and is often used for high-pressure applications. A backward inclined fan is a straight blade fan that matches the velocity of the air that pushes through the fan, making it ideal for low-pressure applications. Both of these systems are energy efficient and offer superior ventilation applications for businesses.

Blowers and Exhaust Systems for Home Use

When you visit our warehouse, you will see that we offer a number of options for home ventilation systems. You can find inline exhausts for your bathroom, or roof exhausts to ventilate your attic. We can also explain how backward inclined fans and backward curved fans work to push fresh air into your home and remove contaminated air. We will work with you to determine the best type of fan for your home based on your ventilation needs.