Understanding Commercial Inline Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans are a perfect choice when it comes to spaces where fresh air needs to replace contaminated air caused by chemicals, machines and humidity. These fans can ensure the area stays well ventilated and safe. Since there are so many types of fans, it’s important to understand how each works and its purpose before purchasing one.

An air blower is a device that helps to move air at a high velocity and pressure. There are many practical uses for industrial air blowers, so it helps to understand the dynamics of commercial centrifugal fans to insure you get the right one for your business. Whether you operate a green house, own an industrial warehouse, or work with paints or other chemicals, a blower is imperative to helping move fresh air into a space that may fill up with contaminated air.

Inline Fan

An inline centrifugal fan is specifically designed for industrial and HVAC applications since a large amount of clean, fresh air is needed at low or moderate pressure. Due to their design, these types of fans are a great way to save space by not taking up too much room. These inline fans come in a variety of designs, which make them flexible enough to use in a wide assortment of industries.

Commercial Fans

Commercial centrifugal fans are a great way to freshen the air in virtually any type of industrial setting since the high velocity fan pushes out the contaminated air to improve air quality. These fans work great in humid or wet environments since they blow such a large amount of air into a space to allow for more rapid drying. Since these types of commercial fans are so powerful, one can do the work of dozens of smaller ones.

Air Blower

A centrifugal air blower is commonly distinguished by one of two types: a volume blower or a pressure blower. A volume blower can push out large volumes of air at a lower pressure whereas a pressure blower pushes air at a higher pressure. These blowers are especially useful in workplaces that use corrosive chemicals or in the high humidity environments of greenhouses.

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What Is a Centrifugal Air Blower?

The term centrifugal is used often when discussing industrial strength fans and blowers. But what exactly does it mean? Centrifugal basically means to draw away from the center of rotation. In belt driven blowers that use centrifugal force, the air is basically thrown away from the center of the wheel at a high velocity that in turn causes a suction reaction. This is how blowers work to draw out contaminated air and replace it with fresh air.

These blowers come in all shapes and sizes, and many people may be familiar with an engine blower in an automobile. This blower operates off the principles of centrifugal force and is a good example of a centrifugal air blower.

What Are the Benefits of Belt Driven Blowers?

The largest benefit of a blower is the consistent pushing in of fresh air into a workspace. If you operate a greenhouse, keeping a consistent temperature and humidity level is important to success. A blower can help you achieve the temperature and humidity levels you need for growing by regulating airflow. If you operate a business that uses caustic chemicals, an air blower can help to dilute the contaminants in the air and make the air safer to breathe. If you’re in the market for a commercial centrifugal fan, call Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company and we can help you make the right selection.