Commercial Chimney Fan

For any commercial space, air quality is an integral aspect of maintaining a happy, healthy, and productive working environment. This often includes both the temperature of the air and the quality and cleanliness of the air itself. For commercial spaces such as hospitals and restaurants, air control is especially important to also maintain the quality of products and services to customers or patients.

In order to achieve the utmost air quality within a business or public institution, it is necessary to install proper commercial chimney fans to both filter the air of impurities and maintain a desirable room temperature.

What is a commercial chimney fan?

Commercial chimney fans fulfill a number of functions for commercial spaces, including air filtration and air cooling. Typically, chimney fans are used in place of chimney linings, and are effective for eliminating unpleasant air irritants, such as smoke. They also help with drafts, helping to keep the air within a space clean and controlled.

Commercial chimney fans can be used in a number of instances — with oil, gas, coal and wood stoves, undersized flues, cold wall chimneys, pizza ovens, fireplaces, and so much more.
What are the benefits of commercial chimney fans?

Not only do commercial chimney fans keep air quality on point, but they do so as efficiently as possible. Chimney fans are easy and fast to install, and operate quietly and discreetly. It is even possible to conceal a commercial chimney fan if need be.

How do I maintain my commercial chimney fan?

Depending on the situation, chimney fans require different levels of maintenance. In restaurants, for example, experts recommend that they are cleaned every three months, and sometimes more often.

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