Heavy Duty Commercial, Industrial Exhaust & Ventilation Fans For Roofs, Garages

All About Exhaust Fans

When it comes to work areas that get filled with contaminated, stale air, an exhaust fan is the perfect solution to push out the tainted air and replace it with fresh, breathable air. The fresh air makes the area safer and healthier for workers. Additionally, commercial and industrial exhaust fans aid in keeping the temperature in an area steady and helps control humidity. Before choosing commercial exhaust fans, there are certain things you should know to make the right choice.

Finding the Right Industrial Exhaust Fan

Industrial warehouses and other industrial businesses need proper ventilation to keep the surrounding air clean and safe to breathe. A proper ventilation system removes contaminated air and replaces it with clean air. The removal of this air is considered the exhaustion process because all of the air is sucked out of the space and removed. Commercial exhaust fans are the perfect solution for providing a proper ventilation system for your business.

Why Does My Business Need a Ventilation System?

It’s important to protect your employees from contaminants in the air. Depending on the substances you work with, there may be laws governing the use of a ventilation system for your business. Industrial roof exhaust fans are perfect for sucking up contaminated air and reducing the amount of chemical particles in the air. Businesses that work with explosive or hazardous chemicals benefit from an exhaust system by getting flammable or explosive materials out of the air. There are many reasons to use a ventilation system, but the most important is employee safety and health.

How Do I Choose the Right System for My Business?

When you shop with Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company, we can help you choose the right make and model for your business needs. To compare industrial exhaust fans, you should look at the average maintenance for the system, the costs associated with repair, the fans ability to capture contaminants and exhaust it from the building, and the capabilities to exhaust varied contaminants in the air. You also need to consider the number of fans you will need, as you want an even spacing of fans to allow for proper ventilation. If you work with caustic chemicals or explosive contaminants, wall exhausts and ceiling exhausts will work best. We encourage you to give us a call to see how we can help you choose the right commercial exhaust fans.

How It Works

Basically, an exhaust fan simply works by pulling dirty, contaminated air out of a space and replacing it with fresh air that’s outside of the workplace. The air intake pulls the dirty air into the exhaust where the air then goes through the building’s ducts. Exhaust fans on the roof usher in the clean air and the dirty air is pushed out of the building completely. This series of events happen continuously to keep the workplace’s environment at an optimal level.

Where to Use Fans

Some of the most common places to use exhaust fans are where potentially dangerous chemicals are used, where machines can overheat and areas that get extremely dusty. Therefore, exhaust fans are great in welding booths, paint spray booths and abrasive blasting rooms. These fans are so big; usually one is all it takes to handle even large areas.

Do Your Research

Since an industrial exhaust fan is so important to your organization, it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Look into various manufacturers and compare and contrast their features. Reach out to companies to see what they offer in the way of installation and maintenance. The more work you put in on the front end, the better your end results.
When you’re ready to purchase an exhaust fan, contact the professionals at Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company.