Direct Drive Fans

Direct Drive DOMEX | FUMEX Enhanced PRV Line

PennBarry ™ is blowing away the competition by integrating 3-phase EC motor technology to our PRV line! The enhanced PRV line will have ™ motor selection up to 2 HP (available on single phase and three phase). EC motors are now available on Direct Drive (DD) up to size 24. Design enhancements to direct drive Domex and Fumex models significantly improves air performance, while Gplus, 3-phase EC motors offer higher efficiency and quieter more reliable operation. Combined with PennBarry’s patented, backward inclined, centrifugal wheel, the new fan units deliver low noise and high efficiency performance.

Enhanced performance on DD sizes 08, 10, 13, 16, and 24. New DD offering in sizes 12, 13H, 14, 18H, and 24.