Energy Consumption Fan Technology is Changing the Global Centrifugal Industry

commercial centrifugal fanThe global demand for energy consumption (EC) commercial centrifugal fans is on the rise.

In Germany, motor and fan manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg is investing more than $31 million for an expansion to address the increasing global demand for EC commercial centrifugal fans.

“We are equipping ourselves for the future,” said Peter Fenkl, chairman of Ziehl-Abegg. “We are strengthening the position of Germany as a production location.”

Fenkl also stated that these fans are a growing product and that “energy consumption by electronic drives in fans will be further tightened by no later than 2020.”

These energy efficient fans can be used in industries all over the world and not only will preserve energy, but will cut down on costs as well.

Demand ventilation controls can lower exhaust system operations costs by up to 50%, and this technology can be installed on new or existing fans. Other efficient fan motors like the electronically commuted motor (ECM) can be installed on small fans inside walk-in freezers and can save approximately $200 a year for every fan that uses the EC technology.

Another type of commercial exhaust system that is one of the most popular in the United States is the laminar fan. These fans are often used in large buildings like warehouses and hospitals and can keep air circulating at a rate of up to 300 times an hour.

With all the recent interest in EC fan technology, the 2016 Worldwide Centrifugal Fan Industry has released a new study detailing how this technology can be utilized by market vendors, developers, various heavy-duty applications, and other businesses.

The research also details the current effect that commercial centrifugal fans are having on the market and speculates as to what potential prospects the market might see regarding this technology.

The report calculated all the revenue earned from each region across the globe and used that data to determine which countries will lead in the production and distribution of these fans, as well as what individual companies will be the front-runners.

The centrifugal fan industry, although somewhat under the radar, is growing significantly, and over the next few years we can expect to see revolutionary changes in the market.