Fantech Exhaust Fans

Fantech Exhaust Fans

Fantech is one of our leading manufacturers of residential and commercial ventilation products. At BF&B, we sell the entire line of Fantech exhaust fans. What follows are descriptions and data sheets of our most popular product lines from Fantech. As always, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Inline Centrifugal Fans for Round Duct

Fantech FR Series- Versatility and Value

Fantech FR Series

Fantech’s versatile FR Series fans feature a plastic housing constructed of UL-recognized, UV-protected thermoplastic resin. This tough protective shell allows the fan to be mounted in outdoor and wet locations. Ideal for multiple point exhaust, dual bathroom exhaust or new room additions, Fantech’s FR Series fans are caulked at the motor screws, the wiring cables and along the seams of the fan to prevent moisture from entering the housing. Fantech’s FT Series fans have long been the choice of residential builders and remodelers but now can be used for commercial projects with our recent UL commercial applications rating.

Fantech FR Kits

Fantech FR Kits

Pictured from left to right: DBF110 – Dryer Boosting Kit; DLX150 – Dual Point Ventilation Kit; REG100L – Single Vent Light Kit. Additional kits (not pictured) are available.

Fantech FX Series – From Residential to Commercial

Fantech FX Series From Residential to Commercial

Fantech FX Series’ galvanized steel housing makes these fans ideal for various commercial code and residential applications. Home uses include range hood exhaust, duct boosting, bathroom exhaust and dryer boosting. Office applications include intake, exhaust, filtration, return or makeup air systems that require mounting versatility, high efficiency, low sound levels, and ease of service.

Fantech FX Series fans are a snap to install. Prewired and supplied with a mounting bracket, they can be mounted at any angle in any point along the ductwork. Straight-through airflow design also helps simplify installation. FX Series fans are designed to work with standard dimensions of spiral duct, eliminating the need for transition pieces.

Fantech FX Kits

Fantech FX Kits

DBF4XL – Dryer Boosting fan kit. The perfect solution to dryer blues. For applications when an extended duct length is required.

Exterior-Mounted Centrifugal Fans for Wall and Roof

Fantech RE Series – Roof/Wall Mounted Centrifugal Fans

Exterior Mounted Centrifugal Fans for Wall and Roof

When space is tight, Fantech’s RE Series is the solution. With a lightweight, low profile design, and duct diameters from 6″ to 10″, RE Series fans move a lot of air from one or more venting points. For roof mounting, these fans are available as either a flat plate or with a roof curb design. RE Series fans can also be mounted on an exterior wall when roof access is not suitable. An added benefit is whisper-quiet interior noise levels (depending on type of installation).

RE Fans are simple to install; no installation extras are required. Simply mount the fan on the roof or wall, then connect the electrical supply to the easily accessible terminal box. The top cover is removable for access to the motor and wiring connections.

Inlet and Exhaust Accessories

Inlet and Exhaust Accessories

You may obtain further specifications and information about Fantech exhaust fans by contacting us or by visiting the Fantech web site.

Models by Fantech

Fantech fans are created for home and commercial use and are designed to improve indoor air quality through proper ventilation.

DB10, DBF110, DBF4XL, DBF4XLT, DBLT4, FIDT4, FIDT6, FIDT8, FR110, FR160, FR225, FR250, FRD12-6, FX10XL, FX4, RSK04, RSK10, RSK12, RSK6, RSK8