How to Choose the Right Canarm Exhaust Fan?

Address ventilation issues in your property by installing a commercial exhaust fan. Learn more about the basics of finding the right exhaust fan for your specific needs.

Consider the Location

When you shop around for a Canarm exhaust fan, go over the lineup and models available. Where do you plan to install the fan? You’ll find that models are designed to be mounted in three locations: the rooftop, in the duct, or as a wall mount. The location will affect the fans you’ll choose from.

Pick a Drive Fan

When it comes to efficiency levels, direct drive commercial exhaust fans are a better option than belt drive fans. If you want to prevent efficiency loss, then pick a direct drive fan. It also requires less maintenance as it has fewer moving components.

Install Properly

If you know next to nothing about installing a fan, let an expert handle that job. Improperly installed fans don’t work well. By allowing a professional to do this, you prevent mechanical failure that could be caused by mistakes during the installation process.

Know the Cost

How much is your budget? Do your best to pick a model that fits your budget and addresses the gaps in your ventilation system. Check out payment options, too. Some companies might offer a discount when you meet certain conditions. Find out if those conditions apply to you.

Look for Quality

Choose a brand that’s known for excellence. There are brands we keep buying over the years and that’s because these are the brands that have earned our trust as consumers. Think about that when you look for an exhaust fan or two.

Choose a Shop

It’s not enough that you know which brands deliver excellent unit performance. Get them from a reputable source, too. Does the shop have an online version? Check out their inventory. Is there an extensive range of ventilation products? Does it have what you need?

Read the Reviews

Consumer feedback means a lot. They give you insights about the product, the staff, even the level of customer service that a company has. If there are too many negative reviews, though, that talk about recurring issues within the company, save yourself the time and trouble. Shop elsewhere.

Go Over the Return Policy

Always look over the return policy. Are the terms and conditions reasonable? Some companies only allow customers 3 days to process a return. Some have a strict window of 24 to 48 hours. Knowing this information beforehand will help you process returns with ease.