How to install and maintain industrial exhaust fans?

Whether at your warehouse or commercial kitchen, there comes a time when you have to replace your industrial exhaust fan. Typically, the reason for their replacement is due to an upgrade to the building’s cooling system or the industrial fan’s faulty functionality.

However, you can incur vast recurrent maintenance costs due to your improper installation technique. Therefore, here’s a helpful guide on properly installing and maintaining an industrial exhaust fan.

Installation Tips

  • · Ensure the installation surface is rigid enough to support the fan’s dead weight. For example, reinforced concrete beams are the best for factory industrial exhaust fans.
  • · Always purchase your replacement fans from an authorized dealer. Often, buyers opt for the cheapest option. However, the purchase turns out costlier than buying the premium brand.
  • · Additionally, always use flexible connections for the fan’s inlet and outlet. As such, you provide a larger cooling surface area for the hot exhaust air.
  • · Moreover, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s fan alignments since these are according to the fan’s tolerance levels. Any deviation to these measurements will only result in routinely expensive trips to suppliers.
  • · Furthermore, it is advisable to use quality vibration isolators in your installation. These are sturdy enough to withstand the highest vibration levels. As such, your fan stays intact and lasts longer.
  • · Finally, always use compatible fan supports during installation. Disregarding this fact only results in costly repeat repairs.
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Maintenance Tips

Once installation is complete, here are some tips on ensuring you get maximum value from your industrial exhaust fan

  • · Prepare a routine maintenance schedule for your fans. For example, bath exhausts require monthly clean-ups to prevent mold growth and ensure your bathroom’s premium indoor air quality.
  • · Also, ensure that you have an authorized and certified fan service provider on call for emergencies. For example, BF&B is your authorized supplier for PennBarry, Delhi, and Fantech Fans.
  • · Finally, always ensure that you regularly lubricate the fan wheel and inspect it for any faults. Doing so prolongs its operating lifetime.
  • You needn’t worry about how to properly install and maintain an industrial exhaust fan. Instead, follow the above tips, and you will be fine. Also, keep checking the Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company blog for more information.