How to Save Money on Commercial Garage Exhaust Fans?

Commercial garage exhaust fans are a great way to increase the ventilation in your garage. However, while exhaust fans are seen as an affordable alternative, it can be easy to spend too much on your commercial garage exhaust fan. However, garage exhaust fans should be an easy and affordable way to increase the ventilation in your garage.

Why Is Commercial Garage Ventilation Important?

There are two big reasons to increase ventilation in your garage.

  • • Heat
  • • Fumes

Machinery and tools can increase the heat in your garage significantly. They can also release fumes or carbon dioxide, which can be hazardous to your health. Ventilating the garage makes it safer and more comfortable for your workers.

Ways to Ventilate a Commercial Garage

There are two main ways to ventilate your garage.

  • • Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans
  • • Rooftop Exhaust Fans

Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans

Wall mounted exhaust fans are mounted high on the wall and should be placed opposite open doorways.

Roof Exhaust Fans

These are placed on a building’s exterior roof.

How Exhaust Fans Work

Exhaust fans not only get rid of stale air, but also help pull fresh air into the building. They are designed to work with the rest of the ventilation system. One of the keys to saving money on a commercial garage exhaust fan is choosing the right system to work with your garage’s existing ventilation.

Saving Money on Your Commercial Garage Exhaust Fan

First, examine the current ventilation. Do you have a supply air fan, intake fans, rolling garage doors, wall shutters, dampers, or even windows? Where are they located? Use this information to determine whether a wall or roof exhaust fan is right for your building. Choosing the right fan for your job means you do not have to compensate by buying a bigger or more powerful fan.

Consider air circulating fans. While these will not reduce the price of your commercial garage exhaust fan, they can help improve ventilation efficiency. The result is an overall cost-saving strategy.
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