The Benefits of Using Inline Duct Fans in a Bathroom

Have you ever wondered what your bathroom’s been missing? Besides the fluffy towels and decorative soap, your bathroom needs an inline duct fan. These are the handy inline fans that remove all the hot air to keep the temperature comfortable, controls moisture and also keep odors at bay. Best of all, these fans are great in homes and businesses to keep the bathrooms tidy and fresh. It’s time to learn about this fan’s benefits.

Bathroom exhaust fans help to extract hot air out of the bathroom and can help with odors. Bathroom fans are ideal in homes and businesses to help with temperature control and odor control. Most businesses will leave a bathroom exhaust fan running during hours of operation, while homeowners can just run the fan while using the bathroom and for a few minutes afterward. Inline duct fans are a great choice for both residences and businesses who want a superior exhaust system that has low noise.

The Basics of an Inline System

There are bathroom exhaust systems that mount into the ceiling. These are the kind you can clearly see when you enter a bathroom. An inline system actually installs in between the duct work within the attic. It’s perfect for small spaces, but because its power isn’t limited based on where it’s installed it can be used for large or small bathrooms. It also makes less noise than a ceiling mounted fan, with some homeowners not hearing much of anything with an inline system. With inline exhaust fans, the stale air gets pushed through the duct work and expelled outside. This helps to remove odors, heat, and moisture from within a bathroom.

For the Home

If you choose an inline exhaust fan for your home, you’ll be pleased to know it can easily fit in the existing duct work of the attic and shouldn’t require extensive installation. These types of fans are also great for small bathrooms where space is limited. Another great thing about home use is the fan only has to be run when needed or a few moments afterward so it’s efficient. You, your family and guests will also love noise is kept to a minimum. There are no unnecessary distractions with this fan.

For the Business

Commercial buildings can also incorporate highly-efficient inline duct fans for the bathroom to keep the area pleasant for workers and guests. A powerful inline fan is a perfect option to remove bad smells from public bathrooms. Since public restrooms are high-use areas, the fans can run continuously while still remaining quiet. These heavy-duty motors keep things fresh and properly ventilated as long as needed. These fans are designed to last a long time, which helps save big bucks over time.

Why Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

If your home or business doesn’t have a bathroom exhaust fan, you may be wondering if you should have one installed. A huge benefit of a fan in a public bathroom is its ability to remove odors from the bathroom. There are different styles of inline exhaust fans, so if you need a high-powered one for a public bathroom we can help you with your selection.

For residential use, exhaust fans work to remove moisture from the bathroom. This is good if you take frequent hot showers or baths, when moisture can sit on your walls and floors for hours afterward. Having one in a guest bathroom is a good idea because it allows you to run it before guests arrive, keeping your bathroom smelling fresh. No matter which type you need, visit us at Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company to browse our selection.