Kitchen & Ventilation Exhaust Fans

You have employed the best interior designer to do your kitchen and you’ve equipped it with the best appliances in the industry. But you can only enjoy the full potential of your kitchen if it is properly ventilated. After all, what’s the use of industrial-strength ovens when your kitchen is too stuffy to even breathe in?

The Importance of Kitchen Ventilation

When you think of cooking in the kitchen, ventilation probably isn’t the first thing you think of, but you should give it a lot more thought. Proper ventilation in the kitchen can prevent all types of nasty mishaps and accidents, not to mention clean, fresh air in the kitchen is always a welcome relief. Whether it’s your home kitchen or an industrial kitchen, you need the right kitchen exhaust fan to remove a variety of noxious food odors, get rid of stifling heat and remove dangerous grease. Before choosing a fan, here are some helpful tips.

Duct or Ductless?

When you’re looking to buy a kitchen exhaust fan, you’re going to come across duct or ductless. When you choose a duct system, it means the fan will use the property’s existing duct work while ductless doesn’t require duct work for installation. However, duct fans work better since ductless fans simply use filters to clean and recirculate air. Ductless fans work better in smaller homes or apartments.

Keep Compliant

A commercial kitchen requires a heavy duty exhaust fan to not only keep air fresh, but to help the entire kitchen remain compliant according to local laws and codes. You should look for high-quality exhaust fans that not only remove the cornucopia of food odors that can overwhelm a commercial kitchen, but can also capture heat, steam and smoke. The right exhaust fan is an integral part of your kitchen and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Choose Quality

Now, it’s time to research and find the best exhaust fan for your needs. Quality should be top of your mind since a heavy duty exhaust fan should last for years. Shop around for top brands to ensure you get the best exhaust fan possible. If you still need help with your decision, contact Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company for further assistance.

Why Kitchens Need a Good Ventilation System

Both residential and commercial kitchens need good ventilation exhaust fans for health and safety reasons. A good ventilation system not only improves the air quality in the room, it also efficiently removes odors, heat, and grease. In addition, ventilation fans also prevent the growth of mold.

Due to the amount of cooking done in a commercial kitchen, it requires a carefully installed ventilation system and durable, heavy-duty exhaust fans. Kitchens have various ventilation requirements. A diner or fast food kitchen requires a system that can take care of grease-laden air, for example.

Consult with a top ventilation contractor about the best ventilation system for your kitchen today!

Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans Available at BF&B

At Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company, we stock and install a variety of fans and blowers for residential, commercial, and industrial ventilation systems. Our inventory includes topnotch, branded ventilation exhaust fans such as:

    • Fumex from PennBarry – This direct or belt drive centrifugal upblast roof exhauster can be mounted on the roof or on the wall. Fumex is designed for medium to high pressure applications, which makes it suitable for commercial kitchens that often deal with fumes. You can also opt for the Fatrap configuration to remove excess grease in the air.
    • BDU from FloAire – This centrifugal upblast model is perfect if you’re looking to improve the air quality in your kitchen. BDU is durable, heavy duty, and weather-resistant, making it suitable for commercial kitchens. A variety of motors can fit into the BDU to meet your kitchen’s specific needs. This fan’s low tip speeds mean that it works quietly and doesn’t disrupt daily operations.

For more information about kitchen exhaust fans, come visit our store at 60-20 34th Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377. To learn more about the ventilation systems we offer, call us at 718-899-9099 today!