Panasonic Fans

In case you are thinking about getting fans for your home, you should think about the Panasonic fans. The company is here to offer you solutions for different kinds of needs, including intermittent ventilation, inline fan ventilation and continuous ventilation.

Intermittent ventilation

This is also known as local ventilation or spot ventilation and it is meant to eliminate odors, moisture and other contaminants. This solution is the most suitable in case you would like to ventilate one single room.

Continuous ventilation

This is also known as indoor air quality ventilation and whole house ventilation and, as the name suggests, the main point is to improve the quality of the air in the entire house.

Inline fan ventilation

These kinds of fans are remote mounted (which means that they aren’t mounted in the ceiling). There is the possibility to attach to them one or more exhaust inlets from several branch ducts. If you choose an inline fan you will still have to decide whether you’d like intermittent ventilation or continuous ventilation.

The Panasonic fans are quieter than their other counterparts and this is why the majority of the homeowners prefer to spend more to have the quiet for their home uninterrupted.