PennBarry Exhaust Fans & More – Home, Commercial, And Light Industrial Ventilation

Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company has been in the business of providing top quality ventilation solutions to the New York Metro area since 1918. Located at 60-20 34th Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377 our warehouse stocks equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including industry giant PennBarry and more.

About PennBarry

PennBarry began from the union of some of the biggest manufacturers in the home, commercial, and light industrial ventilation industries. The companies Penn Ventilation, Barry Blower, Industrial Air, Bayley Fans, and Supreme Fan now form PennBarry, one of the best sources of ventilation products for a wide range of applications.

Technicians from BF&B can expertly install various types of PennBarry fans and exhaust equipment. Their products are categorized as:

  • General Ventilation – High quality, low cost commercial ventilation systems for schools, office buildings, and similar facilities.
  • Industrial Ventilation – Draft and exhaust systems designed to withstand the rigors of lab exhaust, material handling, and other heavy-duty ventilation tasks.
  • Energy Recovery – Indoor and outdoor energy recovery equipment built to ease the load of heating/cooling systems and regulate humidity and air circulation.
  • Kitchen Ventilation – Kitchen hoods, make-up air units, and exhaust fans for commercial kitchen applications.

Domex Fans

Domex Fans are a type of roof-mounted centrifugal exhauster built for general purposes such as low to medium pressure tasks involving relatively clean air. Applications include bathrooms, offices, garages, warehouses, and more.

Fumex Fans

Fumex Fans are roof or wall-mounted centrifugal upblast exhausters built for medium to high pressure jobs. Unlike Domex Fans and other general purpose equipment, Fumex Fans can handle smoke, as well as contaminated or grease-laden air. This makes them suitable for laboratory fume hoods, commercial food service establishments, and high-temperature exhaust applications.

BF&B is proud to be a leading New York distributor of PennBarry fans and other innovative ventilation products. We also stock equipment from top brands such as Broan, Enervex, Captive-Aire, and more.

Models by PennBarry

PennBarry is a leading fan manufacturer with a broad range of general, industrial, and energy recovery ventilation.

DX11V, DX11S, DX11R, DX11Q, DX13V, DX13S, DX13R, DX13Q, DX16V, DX16S, DX16R, DX16Q1, DX16Q2, DX18V, DX06B, DX08B, DX10S, DX11B, DX08S, DX08R, DX12B, DX10R, DX14B, DX16B, DX18B, DX24B, DX30B, FX08BFT, FX10BFT, FX11V, FX11S, FX11R, FX11Q, FX13V, FX13S, FX13R, FX13Q, FX16V, FX16S, FX16R, FX16Q1, FX16Q2, FX18V, FX13BFT, FX14BFT, FX16BFT, FX18BFT, FX24BFT, FX30BFT, LT30, LT50, LT35, LT40, LT40DBL, MU3010, MU4012, MU4015, MU5018, REX08Q, REX10Q, REX12B, REX14B, SX085RC, SX100BC, SX115BC, SX115VC, SX115SC, SX115RC, SX120BC, SX125BC, SX125BHC, SX145BC, SX155BC, SX165BC, SX205BC, SX205BHC, SX225BC, SX225BHC, SX275BC, SX335BC, SX95VC, SX95SC, SX95RC, TF8 Transfan, WFX11V, WFX11S, WFX11R, WFX11Q, WFX13V, WFX13S, WFX13R, WFX13Q, WFX16V, WFX16S, WFX16R, WFX16Q1, WFX16Q2, WFX18V, Z101SRA, Z101STDA, Z102HRA, Z102HTDAZ102SRA, Z102STDA, Z10S/HRA, Z10S/HTDA, Z121SRA, Z121STDA, Z12HRA, Z12HTDA, Z12SRA, Z12STDA, Z14, Z15, Z3HRA, Z3HTDA, Z5HRA, Z5HTDA, Z6S/HRA, Z6S/HTDA, Z81SRA, Z81STDA, Z8S/HRA, Z8S/HTDA, ZJ1RA, ZJ1TDA, ZTRA, ZTTDA, AM12, BLL30, BX12Q, DT4, DT6, DT8, DX06R, Dynamo, FX13BHFT, JB48, LT60, P10V, P10VA, P16RA, P16VA, P18RA, SL20, SX115Q2C, UCG-12 T-17, UCG-12 T-19, UCG-12 T-23, UCG-12 T-27, UCG-12 T-32, UCG-12 T-35, UCG-12 T-43, WFX16R, ZC10, ZC12, ZC15, Model #HC54

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