US Draft Co

Brooklyn Fan is pleased to announce we now offer US Draft Co. chimney, venting, and exhaust solutions.

Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company is the New York Metro area’s top distributor of ventilation equipment since 1918. We stock a complete range of axial propeller and centrifugal fans and other air moving equipment in our own warehouse. BF&B is conveniently located in Woodside, NY. We offer high quality, dependable products with prompt service and shipping anywhere in the US.

About US Draft Co. Products:

Draft Control Solutions

US Draft Co. develops leading edge technology for the heating appliance and fireplace venting industries.

Utilizing the latest and most efficient technology available, US Draft Co. has developed a full line of mechanical draft inducers, variable volume flue dampers and related controllers.

CB-EX Chimney Fan

APPLICATIONS: For gas vents serving Category I, II, III, and IV appliances; and for Chimneys serving gas burning fireplaces.

PERFORMANCE: Capacities range up to 7,500 CFM and up to 7″ W. C. of static pressure.

CGM-504 CO Monitor

APPLICATIONS: Monitors natural gas or LP fired equipment rooms in hospitals, hospitality, schools and office buildings.

FUNCTION: Pre-programmed dry contact relays to shut down natural gas on LP fired equipment during unsafe operation.

TRV Draft Inducer

APPLICATIONS: Special gas vents serving Category I, II, III, and IV appliances; pressure rated Chimneys and L vents serving building heating appliances buring gas or liquid fuel.

PERFORMANCE: Capacities range up to 5,400 CFM and up to 6″ W. C. of static pressure.

Here, at Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company, we’re sure you will find these and other fine products for your home or business to be among the best available. We are here to meet all your industrial, commercial, and residential ventilation needs.