What Is the Difference Between Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans And Ceiling Air Ventilation Fans

Fans come in all types. They are available in different models and can fit in air ducts (inline fans) or hang from the ceiling (ceiling fans), while size and shape do differentiate them, what is a more determining factor in choosing a fan is purpose. This reduces fans to two types – exhaust and ventilation.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are removal specialists. They work to eliminate contaminants and other forms of pollutants from the air. In doing so, they prevent the inhaling of such harmful substances into the lungs and the possible medical problems arising from them. A heavy duty exhaust fan, for example, may be installed to remove the smoke from an industrial setting or a commercial kitchen.

Ventilation Fans

In contrast, a ventilation fan works to circulate air in a space. This could be commercial or residential. This type of fan draws fresh air inside from an outside source. A ventilation fan, for instance, suspended from the ceiling, spins in circles to circulate the air in a room.

Differences Between These Fans

A heavy duty exhaust fan and a ceiling fan are both intent on providing the air we all can safely breathe. The major difference between the two is purpose. The former acts to eliminate harmful substances floating in a space; the latter circulates the air present in a room, to refresh it.

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