The Complete Guide to Commercial Roof Exhaust Fans Installation

Running a restaurant, café, or any business related to making food, one of the things you need is an exhaust fan. If you’ve already shopped for a model and you’re wondering how you’ll install that unit, here are fan installation techniques that you can try out.

Ducted or Ductless?

Before you get started on installing those commercial roof exhaust fans, is your kitchen ducted or ductless? Each option comes with different considerations, so you’ll need to get this right from the get-go. A mistake at this point can lead to mistakes that could compromise your unit’s operational ability.

Ductless Option

This is relatively easy since you won’t need to deal with the piping or ductwork. You’ll need to set aside an outlet for the exhaust fans, though, so if there are any problems or an overload, it will only affect one fan. That helps isolate the issue, making it easier to catch the problem and have pros fix it. To start the installation, figure out the center of the wall where the cooking range is, check the measurements of your new hood range, and then follow the instructions on the manual.

Ducted Option

This comes with a bit more challenge as you’ll need to have more knowledge of the system. It’s better to hire a professional to prevent any costly mistakes, as you’ll need to deal with the pipes, cutting through drywall, and using a drill or saw.

Clear the Clutter

Before the installation, clear out the clutter and furniture. Do this whether you’re going with a DIY approach, or hiring a pro. It’s easier to install the unit if there’s more than enough room for you or the crew to move around. The crew can move comfortably, too, if they aren’t worried that they might hit something.

Teach Your Team How

Make sure your staff knows how to operate the exhaust fans. You’ll need to tell them about common signs or indications that mean there’s a problem with the fans. That way, they can inform you if you need to call for professional repair assistance. The sooner the problem is fixed, the sooner your staff can work again in the kitchen without any problems.

Clean It Every Year

Routine maintenance and cleanup should be done at least once a year. Keep that in mind if you want to extend the service life of your unit. If you smoke a lot of food items, though, you might need to clean your exhaust fans much more frequently.