How to Maintain and Clean Canarm Exhaust Fans

Routine maintenance and cleanup of your exhaust fans are key to proper ventilation in your home. If you can’t remember the last time that you had those fans cleaned, though, here are tips to help you out.

Check the Manual

Before you get started, go over the instructions and suggestions from the manufacturer. What does the manual say? Read through the list before you attempt to start cleaning your Canarm exhaust fan.

Shut Off the Power

Once you’ve understood the steps, you’re now ready. Turn off the power from the circuit box to your fan first. This will prevent any accidents. You always need to make sure the power is off, so it’s safe for you to tinker with fan.

Check the Grate

Get a good look at the grate which covers your fan. Are there screws holding it in place? That means you’ve got an older model. You might want to think about getting a new exhaust fan if this is the case. Newer fan grates now use tension clips that are easy to remove. They also don’t require any tools. Whichever option you have, proceed by removing the grate.

Wash the Grate

If the fan hasn’t been cleaned in a while, the grate is probably dirty and dusty. Clean it with warm water and dish soap. It’ll be easier, though, to wipe away the dirt and dust first with a wet cloth before you wash the grate. It’s easier to clean it since you only need to throw out the wipe or wash the cloth. This prevents dirt and dust from going down your drain. That could lead to a drainage blockage, so you’ll want to prevent that problem.

Remove Dirt and Dust

Once you’re done with the grate, time to move on to the inside of the fan. You’ll need to remove as much of the dirt as possible. You can use a vacuum wand to make it easier to reach some of the nooks and crannies. You can also use a can of compressed air, though, that might lead to a mess in your home. You’ll want to do this out in the yard to keep the dust and debris out of your rooms. Use a dust rag to get rid of any other stubborn dirt that remains.

Replace the Grate

Once you’re done removing the buildup of dust and dirt, put the grate back. Be sure to remember to turn on your circuit breaker. Check if the fan works. And if it does, congratulate yourself for a job well done!