3 Businesses Benefiting from Quality Centrifugal Systems

commercial air blowerOwning a business or being in charge of property comes with a lot of responsibility. You have so many factors to consider: safety, zoning restrictions, payments, energy, and much more. Knowing that each aspect of property owning is as important as the next can save you from unwanted stress down the road. Many businesses do not think about ventilation as much as they maybe should, but there are three different types of organizations that benefit from proper ventilation.

Restaurants wouldn’t be able to function without a quality centrifugal system. They have to have the correct kind of ventilation throughout the building, in the dining area, in the kitchen, and in the freezer. Each area requires a different exhaust fan, but all are important.

Tip: Installing an “electronically commutated” motor on a small, two-fan walk-in freezer can save more than $200 a year per fan!

Hospitals basically require the highest-quality ventilation more than any other industry. There are thousands of people working and patients being helped throughout a hospital, so it’s important that they have access to cool, clean, healthy air. When installing the ventilation system at a hospital, the sone rating is considered for every fan. The range of a sone rating is from 0.5 to four (four being extremely loud) so in an area with a lot of patients who need assistance, having a loud exhaust system can be detrimental.

Tip: One type of fan that works well in hospital environments is the laminar fan. Laminar fans circulate air up to 300 times per hour.

The commercial air blowers that are in warehouses and factories are extremely important as well. These buildings can feel overcrowded and with all the equipment operating at high energy levels, it can feel overly hot in there. Quality commercial air blowers will ensure that the workers and the equipment stay cool.

Tip: Some warehouse rooms can be very large, to determine the minimum size exhaust fan you’ll need, divide the volume of the room by five.

Whether it’s installing a proper exhaust system for a freezer, a commercial air blower for a large factory, or an industrial ventilation system for a hospital; proper ventilation should not be overlooked.

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