A Few Tips on the Prevention of Condensation

Condensation is something that every homeowner should be concerned about as it is that which can cause the growth of mold and mildew and if given enough time, can do considerable structural damage to your home. There are a number of things that can be done to prevent condensation from happening; ensuring adequate ventilation and good air circulation are by far the most important. Installing bathroom vent fans is an excellent way to extract moisture from rooms that tend to have high humidity. Just because they are marketed as bathroom vent fans does not mean they cannot be installed in the laundry room. Other methods of combating condensation are to ensure that your windows are sealed well and that your home has the right insulation. Many homeowners find that a dehumidifier works well, especially during the hot, humid months of the year.

Without a doubt the best way to combat condensation is through proper ventilation, poor air movement allows the build-up of moisture in those areas of the home which are most prone. Make sure that all the central heating-air conditioning vents are open in the rooms and install bathroom vent fans to help with circulation. If you have a fireplace also make sure there is no obstruction in the chimney.

The installation of exhaust fans in the bathrooms and in the kitchen help immensely. Although there are kitchen vent hoods that deodorize the air these are of no value when it comes to combating condensation as they do not exhaust outdoors. The bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans must be connected by ducting to the outdoors. Make sure that these fans are used while showering and cooking, most circuits are tied in with a timer that will let the fans run for a half hour or so after the activity has ceased, this is a very good idea. Not only should you vent the bathroom and kitchen, make sure the clothes dryer is vented outside.

Condensation forms on windows which are not well sealed. Check the windows in your home and if there are missing or broken panes of glass or deteriorated glazing around the glass then have this replaced.

During the summer a dehumidifier works well in removing moisture from the air. Portable units can be wheeled from room to room, to those places where condensation appears. The total solution for dehumidifying is to have a central unit installed in basements which have poor air flow; this will help to prevent the formation of condensation in the rooms above.