What are Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

Present day homes are built with excellent insulation, almost to the point where they are practically air tight. This is great when it comes to efficient heating and cooling but the downside is the poor air quality. It is important as the homeowner that you take effective action to enhance the quality of the inside air through mechanical ventilationBathroom exhaust fans are a natural as the bathroom in any house is invariably the dampest and perhaps the smelliest room in the house. Although bathrooms are targets for mechanical ventilation, kitchens, laundry rooms and even basements should also be ventilated.

What are bathroom exhaust fans?

They are called this as they are designed to be installed in a bathroom but the truth is they are just exhaust fans. An exhaust fan is a device that draws humid, stale and contaminated air from the interior of your home and depositing it outdoors, the result is fresher, dryer air in the home.

Types of exhaust fans:

Fans are classified as to the way in which they are mounted as well as the location, so you can get for example ceiling mount bathroom exhaust fans. As the name implies these are nothing more than exhaust fans which are installed in the ceiling of a bathroom. The fan is coupled to a duct that directs the stale, moist air outside through a vent.

Inline exhaust fans are installed in the ducting itself rather than through the ceiling or wall and then into a duct. This solution is a good one if there is insufficient clearance for ceiling mounted bathroom exhaust fans. The fan can be installed directly into the ductwork of the home and eventually the contaminated air will be exhausted.

There are other types of exhaust fans such as exterior remote installations but they really are not pertinent to exhausting stale, most air from bathrooms.

Advantages of exhaust fans:

The bathroom is that room in the house which is by far the dampest and everyone is well aware that damp areas attract mold and mildew. It is important in a bathroom not only to wipe the floor and walls of all residual water, but the moist air must be removed as well. It is not just mold and mildew, eventually very high humidity will take its toll on the paint, wallpaper and eventually the structure.

By installing bathroom exhaust fans you not only overcome these problems, you ventilate the house properly which enhances the quality of the air in the home.