Become a Big Fan of Your Fan: Tips for Buying the Best Fan for Your Business

industrial fanWith winter rapidly drawing to a close, inevitably the stifling hot conditions of summer is just around the corner. The last thing you and many employees want to suffer through is a hot and muggy work environment. You want to have a mild, comfortable setting in order to complete your job to the fullest. Here are a few tips when considering purchasing industrial fans for your business.

Get the Right Size
It’s common knowledge that buying a small commercial fan for a large space is not going to keep too many people cool. At the same time, though, you don’t want a large fan blowing away papers, tools, and workers when in a small space. Finding the right sized fan for the space your business inhabits is the key to getting a nice cool breeze and not a hurricane blowing through your day.

Motor Matters
Most people think the louder the motor, the stronger the fan. In fact, the opposite can indeed be true. It’s important to consider the motor on all your fans so that they strike a balance between power and limited noise. Feeling nice and cool doesn’t mean a whole lot for the productivity of the workplace if you have to shout to someone over the sound of a grinding motor.

Don’t Be Blowing Dust
It’s important to keep any and all industrial fans in your business clean. Fans are a magnet for dust and other allergens and could just as easily cause problems as it could solve them. It’s important to maintain routine cleaning on the fans in the building. Particularly if you work in the restaurant business, then your fans should be cleaned, at minimum, once every three months.

Just because summer is around the corner doesn’t mean you have to dread going to work in a stuffy, hot building. Industrial fans have a way of keeping the work environment nice and cool, leaving you less sweaty and more focus on doing a job well done. Consider investing in some high quality industrial exhaust fans for your business and see the amazing difference it makes to your company.

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