Fantech Exhaust Fan Advancements Improving Building Ventilation

fantech exhaust fansIf you’re running a commercial business, especially one that requires large warehouse space for industrial tasks, you’re going to need to focus on your building’s exhaust and ventilation.

Forgetting to install quality ventilation and exhaust systems inside an industrial building can result in major problems regarding both your employees and your finances. You might, for instance, end up wasting a significant amount of money on unused energy (or using too much) because you didn’t spend enough time figuring out your exhaust plans.

Installing efficient fan motors, for example, can lead to cost savings of about $200 a year per fan. Specifically, installing the electronically commutated (ECM) variety fan motors can result in a significant amount of savings each year.

When installing centrifugal fans, exhaust fans, and ventilation systems within a large industrial building, it’s important that you take into account every aspect of your building’s structure. You’ll have to properly ventilate the main rooms, hallways, and large rooms housing your machines; you’ll also have to focus on the bathroom ventilation.

Fantech exhaust fans have been providing exceptional ventilation for large buildings and, thanks to some new technological advancements, Fantech could soon revolutionize bathroom ventilation.

According to, the company has announced a new auto sensing fan, the Serenity series, that will improve bathroom exhaust systems.

“Serenity series fans can be adapted to nearly any size bathroom, with any number of plumbing fixtures. Even with a large bathroom, the frills are small and the motor is absolutely quiet,” said Mark Walk, Fan Product Manager for Fantech. “With programmable control options, homeowners can choose a present run time for occupancy mode, and/or select humidity tracking. Our goal is to give consumers options, and the Serenity series does exactly that.”

These Fantech exhaust fans will not only improve commercial warehouse’s ventilation systems, but will help homeowners improve their own bathroom ventilation as well. In addition, the new Serenity series products will come with a seven-year warranty.

If you want to learn more about Fantech exhaust fans and other fan products that can improve your building’s ventilation, contact Brooklyn Fan today.

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