3 Reasons to Perform Routine Maintenance Procedures On Your Industrial Fan

industrial fanWhen it comes to industrial fans, it’s no secret that they provide countless benefits and are an absolute essential in many industries. However, it can be difficult to maintain these complex machines, and lack of proper maintenance can cause a lot of issues in the workplace. Here are some important reasons to perform routine maintenance on your industrial exhaust fan.

Safety and health of employees:
Not cleaning your exhaust fan can lead to the buildup of dangerous chemicals in the air of your business. The bearings are usually the biggest source of fan problems, but the buildup of grime and residue on the blades can also lead to workplace health hazards. This is why you should always take some time to give the fan blades a thorough cleaning once every few months, or when you notice that they’re accumulating buildup, residue, or dust.

Lower energy costs:
When the exhaust fan gets too dirty, its filters get clogged, and its motor has to work harder to achieve the same result. This has a major impact on the life of your industrial fan. To keep energy costs low, it’s critical to keep up with routine maintenance procedures. If you notice your fan slowing down, check the belts — they generally need to be replaced whenever there is visible wear and tear. You should also be consistently checking and cleaning inlets, access ports, main drive, and outlets. Additionally, demand ventilation controls typically reduce the cost to operate an exhaust system by anywhere from 30% to 50% and can be installed on either new installations or retrofitted to existing hoods.

Longer life of system:
Another important reason to keep up with routine maintenance procedures on your industrial fan is to extend its life. If the exhaust fan gets too dirty and has to work harder to achieve the same result, it can greatly shorten its life and cause holdups in day-to-day workplace procedures. Keep your workplace production schedule running smoothly by checking for common issues such as clogged louvers and dampers, which can decrease industrial fan performance and efficiency.

Ultimately, the safety and health of employees should always be a priority, but performing routine maintenance procedures on your industrial fan has plenty of other benefits as well. For more information about exhaust fans, contact Brooklyn Fan.