Designing a Hospital? Here are 3 Thing to Keep In Mind

pennbarry industrialThere are so many important aspects of designing a large-scale building. If you’re starting from scratch and designing a building that people will rely on, like a hospital, you have to make sure that you focus on all the essential aspects of the entire structure from layout to the kinds of material being used.

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing a hospital that can help ensure a successful building.

Focus On the Building’s Exhaust With Pennbarry Industrial Fans
Pennbarry industrial exhaust fans are extremely important for a hospital’s ventilation. Like any large building, obviously some sort of exhaust and ventilation system is needed. But hospitals, due to all the people and energy consuming machines, proper ventilation is vital. One type of industrial fan that’s popular in large hospital environments is the laminar fan because it constantly circulates air up to 300 times per hour.

Plan for Extra Rooms During Your Design Layout
As you’re designing the hospital’s outline, make sure you know exactly how many rooms the hospital will be able to staff with medical personnel. In addition to the maximum number of rooms that can be staffed, you should also consider having plenty of extra rooms built as well. Because hospitals can be overrun by patients on any given day, it’s difficult to plan for exactly how many patients and medical staff will be in each room. Make sure to design each room using generic room sizes and have a few extra rooms built for added storage space, emergency backup space, and extra waiting areas if the hospital does become full.

Strong Emphasis On Cleanliness and Sanitation
A hospital must be extremely clean and sanitary at all times, so the design must reflect this cleanliness. Make sure that your design accommodates for janitorial space and adequate and appropriately located housekeeping areas. All the cleaning items should be easily found and the layout of the hospital should be relatively simple so it’s as easy to clean as possible.

Because of how important hospitals are to so many people, make sure you take your time during the designing process and account for every single detail. To learn more about Pennbarry industrial fans, contact Brooklyn Fan and Blower Sales Company today.