How To Properly Ventilate Your Garage With Commercial Exhaust Fans?

If you’ve ever stepped into a room and felt like the air was stuffy, poor ventilation is a symptom. Exhaust fans are one of the most efficient ways to meet your garage ventilation needs. Experts build exhaust fans into the garage wall, with an air intake outside. The exhaust fan draws fresh air from outside and pumps it into your garage, significantly improving air quality and keeping your garage cool. Here’s how to properly ventilate your garage using exhaust fans.

Invest in the appropriate product.

There are numerous solutions on the market. Make certain you purchase a high-quality product with all of the latest features. Aside from inspecting all of the features, look at the guarantee or warranty label supplied by commercial garage exhaust fan makers. A well-known business would undoubtedly provide a minimum six-month warranty on its items.

Choose the right position.

One of the things you’ll need to know if you’re building or renovating a garage is where to place the ventilation fans. The solution depends on whether the garage is above or below ground, the garage’s purpose, and where the fans can physically go. Correctly setting the commercial garage exhaust fan is critical for an efficient installation. Consider the following factors while deciding on the specifics of your fan installation plan:

  • Garages with a single unit in a row

  • Ceiling fans are frequently the only viable option. However, because of the lack of cross-ventilation in this architectural context, you may require more than one.

  • Garages in a Stand-Alone Building

  • Wall-mounted garage exhaust fans are the go-to solution for garages in a standalone building. These are effective since these garages have a lot of wall space. They are also simple to obtain.

    Exhaust fans on the wall or ceiling and directly opposite the main garage door provide the best performance.


To ensure effectiveness and maximum utilization, a professional should perform the installation. The specialist installing the fan should cut the wall openings or vents to fit the fan’s exact size and shape. Most people prefer to have their exhaust fans mounted on the walls or installed in a gap or hole. Make careful you make the gap in the wall exactly proportional to the size of the fan. If the gap or hole is larger than the product, it will be difficult to repair the fan’s blower. As a result, it is critical to evaluate or measure the fan size before installing the vent in the wall.

Garages should be well ventilated to allow any chemicals and fumes produced by your vehicle to escape. Furthermore, your garage accumulates heat during the summer, making it uncomfortable if not ventilated. Your garage can only be as cool as the outside temperature. Putting in ceiling or sidewall exhaust fans, on the other hand, will help maintain the temperature within reasonable limits.

Things to Consider When Buying Commercial Garage Exhaust Fans

An exhaust fan clears the hot and humid air out of your workplace, replacing it with fresh, clean air. If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt the air was stuffy, then that’s a sign that the place has poor ventilation. An exhaust fan prevents that from happening by improving air circulation. If you are shopping around for a fan, here are some things you must consider.

Do You Really Need One?

Determine if your facility really needs commercial garage exhaust fans. These fans are a staple in sites like restaurants, greenhouse operations, factories, mines and underground parking spaces. Essentially, any place that needs to keep air fresh for people and products require an exhaust fan.

Where Will You Put the Fan?

Decide on the location of the fan. Will you mount it on the ceiling or wall? If you’re putting up a fan in front of a door, it’s ideal to put it on the ceiling to boost airflow into the area. If you want to improve airflow in your parking garage, though, the best option is a wall-mounted model.

Do You Have Dangerous Substances?

Are you putting that fan in an environment where there might be airborne particles that could be dangerous or explosive? You’ll want to learn more about exhaust fans that fit the type of parking space or garage that you have. If you provide parking space for vehicles that transport, store, and carry dangerous substances, it’s best to stay on the safe side of things. Find a fan that is resistant to hazardous materials that might be in the air. Know what’s available in the market before you pick a fan.

What Kind of Style Should I Pick?

When you look for an exhaust fan, consider heavy-duty units. They are ideal for pushing out large amounts of air in a huge space. If you have a big, industrial parking space, this is the type of exhaust fan that fits that environment. If you need a unit that’s efficient in circulating dry air, consider direct drive exhaust fans. They work much better and are much more efficient, due to the reduced amount of friction. That’s because they have fewer moving parts.

What Kind of Environment Do You Have?

Pick an exhaust fan that suits the environment you want to ventilate. Is it a moist or dry environment? Pick a unit that’s designed to handle exposure to that environment.

How to Save Money on Commercial Garage Exhaust Fans?

Commercial garage exhaust fans are a great way to increase the ventilation in your garage. However, while exhaust fans are seen as an affordable alternative, it can be easy to spend too much on your commercial garage exhaust fan. However, garage exhaust fans should be an easy and affordable way to increase the ventilation in your garage.

Why Is Commercial Garage Ventilation Important?

There are two big reasons to increase ventilation in your garage.

  • • Heat
  • • Fumes

Machinery and tools can increase the heat in your garage significantly. They can also release fumes or carbon dioxide, which can be hazardous to your health. Ventilating the garage makes it safer and more comfortable for your workers.

Ways to Ventilate a Commercial Garage

There are two main ways to ventilate your garage.

  • • Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans
  • • Rooftop Exhaust Fans

Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans

Wall mounted exhaust fans are mounted high on the wall and should be placed opposite open doorways.

Roof Exhaust Fans

These are placed on a building’s exterior roof.

How Exhaust Fans Work

Exhaust fans not only get rid of stale air, but also help pull fresh air into the building. They are designed to work with the rest of the ventilation system. One of the keys to saving money on a commercial garage exhaust fan is choosing the right system to work with your garage’s existing ventilation.

Saving Money on Your Commercial Garage Exhaust Fan

First, examine the current ventilation. Do you have a supply air fan, intake fans, rolling garage doors, wall shutters, dampers, or even windows? Where are they located? Use this information to determine whether a wall or roof exhaust fan is right for your building. Choosing the right fan for your job means you do not have to compensate by buying a bigger or more powerful fan.

Consider air circulating fans. While these will not reduce the price of your commercial garage exhaust fan, they can help improve ventilation efficiency. The result is an overall cost-saving strategy.
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