From Chimney Fan to Exhaust Fan – What do You Need to Know?

chimney fanBoth homes and commercial facilities need adequate and functional duct fans, exhaust fans, and chimney fans. These provide ventilation to closed-in areas. They push dirty, stale, and polluted air out, providing clean, cool air inside.

Regardless of whether you need a chimney fan or a bathroom exhaust fan, it is important to have it installed by a professional to ensure it’s put in correctly and that it’s the right size for the room it’s ventilating.

To figure out the minimum size exhaust fan for a bathroom, you must first find the volume of the bathroom and then divide that number by five. You’ll also need to determine the amount of noise you prefer, because the amount of noise can be determined when choosing and installing the fan. The noise level is measured by the sone rating, which can range from four (the loudest) down to 0.05 (the quietest).

Many homes and business owners choose to install demand ventilation, which turns on and off as needed. This can reduce overall operating expenses by 30 to 50%. These can be fitted with a new installation, but they can also be retrofitted into existing hoods. This makes it an option for everyone.

Kitchen exhaust fans can create a hazard if not cleaned regularly and adequately. Kitchen fans take in a lot of greases, which can build up in the interior walls of the fans, creating a fire hazard. Restaurant exhaust fans should be cleaned at once every three months. While some restaurants wait longer to save money, doing so is a risky decision.

Depending on the facility, some businesses may use ventilation fans that actual recirculate air already in the building. Depending on the space, this can be used in place of fans that push out of the building in order for fresh air to come in.

A chimney fan is essential and not something an individual or business owner can choose to ignore. Maintaining your chimney fan will help decrease operating costs, lengthen its life, and provide consistently fresh air and ventilation.