Own a Restaurant? Keep These Three Things in Mind

fansOwning a business can be extremely complicated. There are so many aspects that need to be handled: the actual product or service, employees, payroll, expenses, cleaning, and so much more. It can get pretty overwhelming if you aren’t careful.

If you own a restaurant, you’ll find out that it can be even more complicated than other types of businesses, particularly when it comes to cleaning. While cleanliness is important for all industries, it’s absolutely essential in food service.

Restaurant owners understandably worry about the quality of their food more than anything else. It’s important that they also focus on their restaurant exhaust fans in order to maintain a clean workspace — and maybe even save a few bucks.

Restaurant fans should be cleaned much more often than other types of exhaust systems. Typically, restaurant exhaust systems are cleaned at least once every three months. That should be the maximum amount of time spent in between cleans. Regularly cleaning exhaust systems can ensure your restaurant is meeting all the sanitary and health requirements for food service.

Cutting Costs
Having an efficient centrifugal system in your restaurant can preserve energy and save money. Cutting down on your central cooling by only three degrees Fahrenheit can lower air conditioning expenses by up to 15%. Utilizing fans in place of air conditioning is a great way to lower prices even more. Electronically communicated motors (ECMs) can be installed on an individual two-fan walk-in freezer and can save up to $200 a year per fan.

Bathroom Exhaust
Just because you own a restaurant doesn’t mean you should only focus on the kitchen and dining area exhaust systems. A restaurant’s bathroom needs to be just as clean and just as cool as the rest of the building. To determine the minimum size fan you will need for your bathroom, you’ll have to take the volume of the room and divide it by five. Some bathrooms with larger ceilings — over eight feet tall — require additional venting along with the exhaust system.

Owning a restaurant can be difficult, but if you take every aspect of your business into consideration, and focus plenty of time and effort into each part, you have a greater chance for success.