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Living and work conditions get miserable when the direct drive fan they’ve taken so much for granted becomes inoperable, needing replacement. What with proper fan operation, individuals appreciate how this fan helps keep areas ventilated, makes things humidity-free and cool, and is often important in keeping the indoor environment healthy and clear.

When customers are in need of direct drive fan replacement, whether it be a pedestal fan, ceiling fan, propeller fan, inline fan, roof fan, or something similar, they should certainly do their homework on companies that offer the finest quality exhaust fans.

The company the customer seeks to do business with will have been a leader in the industry for quite a long time (often, over 100 years). Their available inventory of superior products will be vast, providing the customer with plenty of options in which to choose from.

By doing a thorough search for fan retailers in their area or general region, the customer should then certainly go to the company’s website to check them out further. Some questions they’ll wish to have answered quickly and thoroughly include:

  • > What can be learned about the company?
  • > Do they have separate, comprehensive pages on manufacturers, products, and models?
  • > Do they have options to learn more through clicks on News and company Blog?

Residents and commercial customers living in New York City and all throughout the region looking for such superior products, services, and expertise should contact Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Co.

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Quality Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Exhaust Fans in New York

What do you want in an exhaust fan? Efficiency! The best way to achieve efficiency in an exhaust fan is by installing a Direct Drive Exhaust Fan.

Belt Drive Versus Direct Drive

In any exhaust fan, there is a transmission of energy from the motor to the fan. In even the best belt drive fan one that uses high-quality heat, oil, and static-resistant V-belt drives there is power transmission loss. In a fan using direct drive, the impeller fan blade is connected directly to the motor shaft. Power is imparted directly because the fan blades and the motor turn at the same speed.

The result of using a direct drive as opposed to a belt drive is greater efficiency and less wasted energy. An added plus is that direct drive fans have fewer moving parts and thus require less maintenance.

Uses of a Direct Drive Exhaust Fan

Perhaps the best use of a direct drive fan is the ventilation it provides. Whether you need good ventilation in a warehouse, bakery, barn, bathroom, auto repair shop — anywhere you want and need fresh air to flow — a top manufacturer can provide a high-quality durable product that has been time-tested and provided to your specific requirements.

For more information about the perfect exhaust fan for you, visit Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company online at Review the many manufacturers, models, and products available. You can also contact them by phone Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 718-899-9090 or email them at

Find Your Way to Proper Ventilation with a Direct Drive Fan

Find Your Way to Proper Ventilation with a Direct Drive Fan Ventilation can make a difference in the temperature of a property, the air quality, and even the safety of a property. Keeping a property well-ventilated can be a deal-breaker when it comes to making a space livable, and a good direct drive fan can help with keeping ventilation working as it should for a cool and comfortable residential or commercial space.

Direct drive fans are known for their fan blades and motor rotating at the same speed at the same time. This makes it an efficient part of the ventilation system and with less power being used, less money would be spent. The fans have many advantages including less required maintenance on them and their compact size. Since they are small and low-maintenance, they can fit in smaller spaces and are more cost-efficient.

The increased ventilation from a fan can be a good thing for residential or commercial businesses as the flow of clean air can be good for everyone, and create a healthier space for inhabitants. The increased ventilation is also a good contributor to eliminating humidity or dirt and contamination in the air. Humidity buildup can make it difficult to breathe, and inhaling dirt or bacteria in the air can make inhabitants of the space sick. Proper ventilation can make everyone breathe happier and easier.

If you are looking for a suitable and efficient direct fan belt, Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Costrives to provide high-quality and durable products from top manufacturers for your ventilation needs.

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