Quality Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Exhaust Fans in New York

What do you want in an exhaust fan? Efficiency! The best way to achieve efficiency in an exhaust fan is by installing a Direct Drive Exhaust Fan.

Belt Drive Versus Direct Drive

In any exhaust fan, there is a transmission of energy from the motor to the fan. In even the best belt drive fan one that uses high-quality heat, oil, and static-resistant V-belt drives there is power transmission loss. In a fan using direct drive, the impeller fan blade is connected directly to the motor shaft. Power is imparted directly because the fan blades and the motor turn at the same speed.

The result of using a direct drive as opposed to a belt drive is greater efficiency and less wasted energy. An added plus is that direct drive fans have fewer moving parts and thus require less maintenance.

Uses of a Direct Drive Exhaust Fan

Perhaps the best use of a direct drive fan is the ventilation it provides. Whether you need good ventilation in a warehouse, bakery, barn, bathroom, auto repair shop — anywhere you want and need fresh air to flow — a top manufacturer can provide a high-quality durable product that has been time-tested and provided to your specific requirements.

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