Improving Indoor Air Quality And Productivity With High-Quality IAQ fans

Indoor air pollution is a common problem that affects most of us, be it at home, in our schools, offices, and industries, and therefore, an improvement in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is required. IAQ indicates the quality of air in a closed space. Its betterment thus focuses on getting rid of the pollution to create a fresher environment. A fresher environment will then improve your work productivity, health, and comfort. Our high-quality IAQ fans are ideal for this job. The following are our different types of fans and how they help improve IAQ;

Exhaust fans

These fans’ purpose is to get rid of pollutants from the room. The fans remove smoke and moisture from a building, eliminate unpleasant odors, particles, and airborne pathogens in the air. These fans are mostly installed in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Ceiling fans

The purpose of ceiling fans is to improve air circulation in a room. Hot air normally rises, and the ceiling fan redistributes the air in the room, changing the temperature. When hot, the ceiling fan the blades turn in a counter-clockwise direction, creating a breeze that lowers the temperatures. When cold, the blades move clockwise, mixing and distributing air which makes the room warmer. Ceiling fans help control the air flows and dilute the pollutants available in the room.

Whole-house fans

These fans ventilate the whole building, unlike the single intake fan. They control the airflow in the building, regularly supply it with fresh air, and dilute the pollutants. They can also pull an immense amount of air outdoors and distribute it towards the building. Whole-house fans remove the stale air, odors, and pathogens from the house.

How improving IAQ affects productivity

  1. Improving Indoor Air Quality increases work productivity. Research shows that a fresher environment for workers improves their job performance.
  2. Health improvement. Fresh air is calming to many people and reduces stress, clears the mind, rebuilds energy, and strengthens the immune system. Fresh air providence prevents infections from air pollutants.
  3. Comfort providence. Poorly ventilated spaces cause discomfort to people due to the unpleasant odors and air pollutants. Installing IAQ fans will improve air circulation which, will make them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Our IAQ fans are essential in improving air quality by ventilating rooms, keeping the rooms humid-free and, controlling temperatures. Our quality equipment will provide for your needs and wants and make you comfortable. If interested in our products, contact us at BF&B Sales Company.