Is a Direct-Drive Exhaust Fan Your Best Choice for Ventilation?

If you are looking to improve the ventilation in an area, you may wonder what your options are. A direct-drive exhaust fan may be the perfect fit for your needs. When you work in an industrial environment, it is important for health and safety reasons to have superior ventilation.

Why Choose a Direct-Drive Fan

There are two basic types of exhaust fans you can select from, direct or belt-driven. A direct-drive fan is more efficient than a belt-driven fan. With no belt to maintain, this type of fan is lower maintenance. Another important benefit of a direct-drive fan is that they are easier to clean. The ability to keep the fan clean can add years to its life.

With the many benefits of a direct-drive fan, you may wonder why someone would choose a belt drive option. Belt driven fans are typically less expensive, although the loss of efficiency means they may cost more over time. Belt drive fans are also quieter, which is important in some situations.

If you aren’t sure what type of fan would be best for your environment, you should get in touch with a company that specializes in ventilation options. There are many choices available, and there is no one right choice. The best ventilation option will take into account your existing structure, what activities are going on inside, and many other factors.

Working with professionals, such as the ones at Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales ensures you get the best fan for your situation. Whether you are looking for a direct-drive exhaust fan, or are unsure what your best choice is, get in touch today at

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