Why Brooklyn Hospitals Should Look at Their Ventilation Systems

A ventilation system helps hospitals to reduce the spread of infections. Hospitals must protect patients from getting bacterial illnesses while receiving treatment. However, it may be time to evaluate hospital exhaust fans and make some updates to your system. Read on to find out why hospitals should look at their ventilation system.

Patients Trapped in Germy Air

Many hospitals use a mixed ventilation system. This system works by forcing new air into the room, which moves to the upper corner of the ceiling. However, the patient’s bed is in a lower position. It leaves patients trapped in germy air.

Need to Follow CDC Requirements

The Center for Disease Control requires the air inside a patient’s room to be refreshed using a ventilation system. Hospitals will need to evaluate their system for lags. The ventilation system must be changing the air frequently and more than the minimum requirement.

Evaluate Filter System

The federal government requires hospitals to carry two filter beds. Hospitals also need to monitor and maintain them regularly. The filter system must work effectively by capturing germs. This evaluation gives you a chance to check for technology advancements for filter beds.

Hospitals must be proactive when it comes to germ control. Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Co at Brooklynfan.com can help you with updating the ventilation system.

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